Md.Shahadat Hossain
Department of Software Engineering, School of Engineering & Computer Science,
Independent University Bangladesh (IUB)
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Uncertainty exists in Software Company over the world. Software quality problem is leading issue for the software industry. The issue exists from 40 years or 50 years long. The industry is suffering and closing for this issue. In this circumstance it is important to address and remove its root cause. Otherwise, day by day industry economic loss will increase. I figure out some vital challenges of software quality assurance and testing which have been facing by software industries. The research focused on several small and medium software companies of the world. This paper represents different categoryof challenges along with responsible stakeholders. This research finds out that testing tools are available testing elements are available testing process has improved but still software has some testing challenges. My research figured out the bottleneck of challenges and explained in this paper. Here software engineers have scope to improve & overcome those challenges. This paper suggest systematic approach to solve the problem.

Keywords: Software Quality Assurance (SQA), Testing, Resources, Challenges, Software Firm, Programmer.

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